What was I thinking

I know… I will catalog all of the Oregon elongated coins! Thinking there would be couple hundred, no problem right. I started this project for my personal collection I wanted to catalog the elongated pennies of Oregon that were in my collection as to minimize duplicate Items. Then the old Family Moto kicked in If it’s worth doing it’s worth overdoing, cataloging all of the Oregon elongated coins and make an online database for all of the other collectors out there. At the writing of this article I am now at almost 700 elongates in the catalog. This has been a personal growth project for me, I have had to learn HTML, PHP, MYSQL and Java Script. I have had to revise my publish date many times, I finally got it up for all of the Elongated penny collectors to enjoy. If you see any errors in spelling or have some elongates to add to the data base please reach out to me.